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Cyclopes-A creative story gift for my mother’s birthday

Cyclopes-A creative story gift for my mother’s birthday

I had scavenged a few bucks for my dear Mother’s birthday . I wanted to buy a special gift for her.

When we went to the shop, I asked her” Mom, what do you want for your birthday?”,  and surprisingly she didn’t ask for any fashionable items like sunglasses, earrings, or dresses. 

Instead she asked me to a write story for kids.I was rather surprised at her request but writing the story was for me as I used to read a lot of books. The words which she said were” write your own story and amaze me”.  So instead of making a birthday card and writing messages to my mom, I wrote this tragedy story about mother and son. My mother liked the moral of this story and my writing style as well.  The story took me 5 days to write but I managed to do it.I hope you will enjoy and be engrossed in the story, the same way my beloved mother was. 


In a hamlet, there was a young boy named Dalton who had moved from the city with his kindly mother. The Dalton’s father had abandoned his mother after they had had a child.

Every day, Dalton (aged 7) would go to the fields and pick the most stunning flowers for his mother. Some times it was a rose, other time rue, but his mother’s favorite flower was the evening primrose, with its pale petals covered with a yellow streak, and it’s lovely fragrance which seems to increase more when it was plucked in the morning, at that time the dew glistened on the flower. His mother was overjoyed to have such a wonderful son. Dalton’s mother only had one eye; the other eye remained close, as still as a statue.

Dalton thought his mother was the nicest woman in the world and he didn’t care that she only had one eye. But that all changed when he started school.

Dalton’s mother walked him to school every day. When one of his classmates saw Dalton’s one-eyed mother, he told the entire class about it. Soon the entire school knew about it and started calling her Cyclopes (a one-eyed savage creature). The boy was humiliated everyday. Dalton began to resent and hate his mother for a crime she didn’t commit.

No longer did Dalton pick flowers or hug his mother. No longer he care about what happened to her. His kindly mother tried to help him, she tried to ask him why he was behaving so strangely but Dalton just ignored her. He barely talked to her except during meal times. Dalton’s mother was grief – struck and wonders why Dalton was being so apathetic to her. Every day was like this. Dalton finished college and went to the city and found a good job.

His mother, who still hadn’t given up on him after all these years, tried to contact him and talk to him but Dalton kept pushing himself away from his caring mother. Such sadness engulfed his mother that she passed away after a few months of trying to contact him.

Dalton set off to collect his mothers will at the hamlet in which he was born. There, with all of his mother’s possessions laid a letter and it was addressed to him. Dalton, out of curiosity opened the letter and read outloud.

Dear Dalton,

I don’t know why you are trying to sever all ties with me but maybe it may be because of my missing eye. You may not know the story of it so here it is. When you were three years old, we were the victim of a car crash. I wasn’t harmed but you were. A shared of glass had pierced your eye. When we go to hospital you were losing lots of blood and were declared blind in one eye. I didn’t want you to face the world with only one eye so I asked doctor to transplant one of my eye into yours. That’s why I only have one eye. My eye is your eye.

With lots of love

Your mother

 Dalton finished reading with tears brimming in his eyes. He felt so much remorse for the way he had treated his loving mother. Then he realised something. One part of his loving mother was with him. He went to the field which was the same after all these years, plucked an evening primrose, and laid it on his mother’s grave