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My ambition in life essay for middle school

My ambition in life essay for middle school

Everyone has ambitions.There isn’t a single human being on this earth who does not have an ambition.
You may be thinking, what exactly is an ambition? An ambition is a never-ending desire to achieve something. Even if people have the same ambition, they will use different methods to achieve it. This makes one ambition different from another. My ambition is to eliminate poverty from the world.


Poverty of the situation of not having enough money to satisfy one’s

basic needs. This means that the people in poverty can not afford clean water, food, comfortable clothes, sometimes even homes or education. You can recognize a person in poverty by their eyes, which show despair their weak, emaciated body, the cicatrix (scars) on their faces which show endless labor and beatings, and their dark skin color which shows unbelievable hardships all under the scorching heat of the sun.

I first caught a glimpse of poverty when I was seven years old. I was on a trip to South Africa to visit the city of Solaconda. As I walked through the merciless land, I saw a little boy, his emaciated body did not match his fat legs. The boy who couldn’t be more than seven years old, who couldn’t tip the scale over 29 pounds soaking wet, was carrying a huge bundle of wood on his head. I thought about the miserable life he must lead.

As we rested, I observed him. During his mealtime, he got nothing more than half a slice of bread and a glass of water. Suddenly I felt guilty eating a bar of chocolate in front of him. His dark eyes, which begged for the thing his body could not: food. I couldn’t stand the painful look in his eyes. So without saying a word, I handed him the chocolate. The happiness on the boy’s face was indescribable.

When I lived in the USA, I never saw poverty. But when I visited India, I saw them, the faces that have been haunting me returned. From that day, I wanted to fight poverty. I would do things from giving food or water to beggars, to providing a full-scale meal for those in need. I want to help others escape from the noose of poverty that estrangles millions.